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          2. Four Services Construct Intelligent Delivery System

            FBee Inside is based on cloud platform and zigbee IoT technology, vertical to the application fields of smart family, smart apartment, smart hotel and smart office, providing one-stop delivery scheme of cloud, pipe, side and end from single intelligence to scene intelligence. We help smart home manufacturers, apartment operators, real estate developers land intelligent application scenarios, reduce the cost of human resources, development costs, and quickly realize the intelligent transformation.

            One-stop Smart Scene Solution

            AI+IoT Technology Enabling Assist Smart Scene to Land Quickly

            Selection of over 100 high-quality smart home products.
            Supporting ODM/OEM products of all categories to quickly create products that are in line with market competitiveness for customers


            With high quality service and excellent performance in safety, diversity and stability of smart home products,
            Feibit has been favored by more and more enterprises.

            Open up your all-round intelligent life

            Open now